When To Pay, When Not To Pay: Best Editing Software

As I’ve been slogging through the muck of editing, marketing research (most of which I’ll end up not having the time to use) and formatting my latest novel, “In The Absence of Famine,” I’ve come to realize that there are a lot of programs out there offering to help writers, edit their work cheaply and effectively, cram their blog posts full of keywords, write whole blogs for them, etc etc. Time for another look at what is, and is not, worth spending your money on I think. Continue reading

Holy Holiday 99 Cent Ebooks Batman!

The holidays have me surrounded. I’m losing sleep trying to figure out newsletter software, how to become a marketing genius in 3 days or less, and my family is calling constantly because they’re feeling neglected and lonely (which is only right since I forgot all about them… sometime in September) all while I try to keep a clear head and edit on. All of this has lent me to think that maybe the world could use some awesome .99 ebook gift recommendations! Because if there’s anything I love more than ebook publishing it’s sharing the love for quality cheap ebooks.

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When To Pay, When Not To Pay: Self Publishing Edition

It’s the middle of the busiest month of the year for me, and probably billions of other people worldwide; I’ve got holidays all month long and a book I’m frantically editing so I can make my traditional birthday release date. Six months later than I promised this time – but it’s going out the door if I have to light it on fire and have the fire department bust it out. In the midst of the holiday madness, the editing, the formatting, the creation of cover designs (the rejections of half finished cover designs) and the gift lust – I received a happy little mailer from BookBaby.

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Hitting The Ceiling

Well another NaNoWriMo is done and I got through it, by the skin of my feverish teeth, yet again. After that I needed a little time to recover (I’d managed to catch a cold on top of a recurring illness and then just when I thought I was done with them both – I got another) then I dove headfirst into editing, “In The Absence of Famine,” and between both books I’ve come to realize something.

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