All Jokes Aside

Seems I really have made myself quite sick somehow. So I’m in bed with my laptop and a bunch of fluids. Good news is my vacation gets to be extended and I might get to read some new books while I’m off. Bad news is I feel absolutely horrid, don’t know if I’m coming or going. Here’s hoping I’m all better next week and able to reveal something really awesome to compensate for the extra downtime.

The Not Vacation

Another book launch under my belt, another year old, new banner for the site, ‘nother new banner for the site, new signature, lots of promotion, new cold and another dip into the top #100 Free Kindle Titles for all of three days to show for it.

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Extended Free Ebook Giveaway

I am in the middle of fighting off the usual round of crippling sickness so I can push the final edits of “In the Absence of Famine” through for the book launch on the 24th. Which means, few and spotty blog posts, as well as, FREE ebook giveaways.

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Win A FREE Ebook!

Today’s an extra special day. I’ve reset my body clock be completely backwards! I could have posted this blog live at 8 a.m. instead of using the schedule function but that would be the actions of woman still within shouting distance of sanity. Also – the “In The Absence of Famine” book cover is done!

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When To Pay, When Not To Pay: Freeware Editing Software

In the last edition of When to Pay, When Not to, I went over some editing software and put it solidly in the “not worth it” column. I know, it’s still pretty tempting though isn’t it? Well to help save a few more bucks, I’ve compiled a list of free – and vital – programs that you can use to craft your novels in various ways.

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To Deadline Or Not To Deadline

Every year as I scramble, desperately trying to pull a book together in time to release on my birthday, as the time grows shorter and shorter and I find myself having to drop this marketing scheme or that cover design because there simply isn’t time for it all; every, single, year – I wonder if I wouldn’t be better off, if my work wouldn’t be better off without a hard deadline for publication?

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