The character is Ophelia, a Valentine’s Op with a penchant for poison who happens to be Caine and Caliban’s, one and only, surviving blood relation (that we know of).

Finally finished after so many lost layers and so many new ones added. Ophelia’s a whole new woman from where she started! I hope I done good. I have a lot of people to thank for this one. Big thanks to the following stock artist’s whose work I used to create this image:

GlamourousAcid-Stock for the model.
XResch for the smoke
This time for the skull and crossbones I used SB-Photography-Stock.
Falln-Brushes for the crack brushes used under the smoke.
Falln-Stock for the cracks used on Ophelia’s lips.
struckdumb for the awesome cracks I used around her neck.
zummerfish for the amazing rust and stars texture set I just can’t seem to get enough of.
Fonts are Chunk Five and Franchise Bold.

I hope to have a “making of” up at some point if anyone is interested in seeing the transition process.

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