30 Days of Horror: Day 3 – It’s Gotta Be The SCP

What to say about the SCP Foundation that hasn’t been said before, usually better, sometimes with animation? A whole hell of a lot because it’s a treasure trove of literally hundreds of documents that translate into hundreds of extended and interconnected stories of a universe that Lovecraft would have recognized. Unfortunately for us all, I’ve got a migraine so I’ll let someone who speaks about the Foundation for a living do all the talking because I can’t make sense.

30 Days of Horror: Day 2

Today let’s delve into something a little unusual. 0.0Mhz is a webtoon I stumbled across some years ago when I had a horror craving in the middle of the night. I couldn’t put it down until I’d run out of pages and then I couldn’t sleep because I was trapped under the blankets, in the dark and for a rare wonder I was terrified of what lay behind the warm and close confines of my own blanket.

It’s vivid portrayal of the summoning ceremony in 0.0 Mhz sent chills through this experienced witch (aka do not try this). The dark and desaturated colors and limply dragging characters, whose very hair seems oddly weighted down, lends such an impressive oppressive atmosphere. Jump scares aren’t always an easy thing to do with a static webtoon but it definitely pressed on my fear button good and hard.

Looks like recently this gem, like so many other webtoons has gotten a live action adaptation! The world is a quickly evolving place, for a public fed up with remakes, the internet is a treasure trove of fresh ideas and fresh art styles. Some studios are taking notice and creating content, films, radio plays, animation, to varying degrees of skill, scale and care of course.

And that’s Day 2 down! Tomorrow, I don’t know, maybe a game. See you later voodoo loves.

Thirty Days of Horror – Day 1

Well, hello! Everything is terrible and some parts of the world are literally on fire so I thought: “fuck it, let’s have some fun.” So I’m going to challenge myself to 30 days of horror posts. They’ll probably be all over the place, some movie recommendations, some games, maybe some manga or webtoons. Seat of the pants winging this shit.

Starting it all out with “Creep.” I am a woman that has loved horror since she was seven years old, so my tastes run deep and specific. When it comes to horror films I find I love the found footage genre the most (except for The Blair Witch Project, who asked you to put out some propagandist bullshit right around the time I came out about witches in my favorite horror genre, fuck you and all the misconceptions I’ve come across because of you). My favorites tackle the limits of their sub genre in a variety of brilliant ways but not all of them.

I won’t tell you if “Creep” is one of those or not, but I will tell you it’s one of the most genuinely creepy films you’ll ever watch. Which has definitely been said and said better before. What hasn’t is that the worst part for me was when I recognized the behavior as one of a former friend of mine, still terrifying. Really good horror seems to fluctuate between things that are very visceral and personal for you or things that you can appreciate from a much more cerebral place–but I’ll get more into that when we get to the horror games I guess. Take it as a recommendation and go watch.

Want to read a particular review? Shoot me a comment her on WordPress or Facebook and I’ll write it up if I know it. I mean, I think I’ve got enough horror experience for an impromptu 30 day challenge but I am often wrong so, help maybe.