What People Think I Do

After running across the very apt depiction of the disconnect between what it is I do as an indie author and what people think I do as an indie ‘artist’ by Jennie Breedan* I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to address it here on Blargle Splect.

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Of Artists, Hobbyists, Pseudonyms and Real Names On The Net

During my last long round of fighting the sick, I did a little catching up on my hobby – gaming forums. I love wandering around and seeing what new is out for my favorite games and like 99% of the forumites I use a completely fictitious profile name, two actually (well a lot more than that if we count all of my aliases). Recently an artist has arrived in the community using their real name and wondering, especially when it pertains to things like (but not exactly the same as) copyright and credit, why people don’t use their real names in their online life.

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