About Me

Hi, I’m Y.K. Greene. Former volunteer worker, teacher’s assistant, tutor, VOD editor, celebrity blogger, porn and sextoy reviewer. Current daughter, sister, wearer of really kick ass boots and author of the Eldritch Elysium series as well as The Four Horsemen series. I enjoy pushing my characters and myself to the very edge of endurance – and then I kick my characters off it but I’m sure you already knew that.. I have weird ideas but I’ll try to keep them on the SFW side this time. Maybe. Probably. For a while anyway.


Why “Blargle Splect” what does it mean?

Blargle Splect is something I say (especially online) when I have nothing to say or the conversation lags a bit. It’s a great conversation starter and just random nonsense. When I started this blog, it was actually completely unpublicized, just a place for me to post random thoughts and nonsense (my main blog was Sarah aka Legion then) but some people found it and said it was more interesting so I started taking it ‘seriously’ and changed the name to something easier to remember that seemed apt. I still fill the blog with rather random blather and nonsense though!

Why ebooks?

Well I was slogging along on the traditional publishing route and priding myself on doing pretty well while also not getting much of anywhere or challenging myself as a writer much at all. So I started looking into self publishing and was really giving the idea some serious thought when I – lost my day job. After that it just seemed like it was time to go ahead and push for my dreams instead of slogging through the beaten trail, getting burned out before I’d even begun.

No, seriously. Why ebooks? Not good enough for print?

You’re welcome to be the judge of that. Pick up one of my novels, read it all the way through and tell me if it was worth your time or not, by using the comments on this blog, filling out a contact form or best yet – writing a heartfelt review. I’ll look forward to hearing from you.

This is weird, you’re weird, your characters are weird. Why all the weirdness?

Why is blue, blue?

You take too long releasing new stuff. Any chance we can make you work faster?

Probably not but a good way to get my attention and let me know you’re out there waiting for the next book in your favorite series – is to leave a review. Even a few single sentence on Amazon is like a shot of concentrated caffeine directly into my arm. Let me know you’re out there reading, waiting, and I’ll probably write that much faster.

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6 thoughts on “About Me

  1. My thoughts are with you. We are all marked for death. As for me, the sooner I cease the vain business of this life and resume seeking the truth, the better. In the end it is not about others remembering you; that too is vain. It’s about what happens, if anything, after your dance is over.

    • Seek the truth while you are on this path. Live the truth. Then death will not be an ending or beginning, but a waypost on your journey.

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