Currently I’m only set up to accept payments through PayPal. Payment is due the same day that ebook or manuscript is recieved.

Expedited Reviews

I don’t accept money for reviews. Usually what I do is nab a free or cheap copy of a book that interests me, read it whenever I get around to it, then post the review here with a link to the book whenever it’s convenient. I know that there are circumstances where an author really wants a review before a books release, or they really want the review posted on Amazon (something I usually avoid) or they just really want a review by a specific date – for those reasons I do offer an expedited service.

For $15 and a free ebook, I’ll converse with the author and explain when is the earliest date I can possibly schedule their review. It’s also a way to flag certain books and push them to the front of my reading list. I’ll even post the review to Amazon, if the author wants – but only if I feel they’ve earned 3+ stars. I think I can reasonably handle 4 of these expedited reviews per month, please understand if I’m unable to accommodate your schedule.

I’m open to all types of horror, paranormal and fantasy novels so if you need a review fill out the form below, with the words “Review Request” and I’ll be in contact with you asap.


I don’t really have the time to offer full editing services but I’d be happy to read your rough draft and offer a few notes of critique that will point out things like: plot holes, unclear timelines, ‘lost’ or unnecessary secondary characters and any hugely glaring grammar issues that pull me out of the story and can’t be ignored for $50.

I accept manuscripts between 50,000-100,000 words, fiction only, and can really only focus on one manuscript per month.  Fill out the form below with the words “Critique Request” at the top and I’ll be in contact with you asap.

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