Mitei’s Story Update

For lack of a better title as I can’t remember what I called the manuscript I sent to my reader and I can’t use the title I have in my files for the book – it’s a major spoiler –  I’ll call the posts about my book Mitei’s Story. Named after the main character who got her name from a line I read in a webcomic, yeah I’m not great with names and titles.

Anyway, I got a call from my reader at ‘that which pays’ today. Seems she got the first 15 pages of Mitei’s story and read them all of them in less than an hour, could I please hurry and send the next few pages please? I was very specific about the need for them to pace themselves as the book isn’t finished and I want to stay ahead of their reading curve but apparently they just couldn’t help themselves, or something like that.

Now I’m a little nervous, she’ll burn through everything I’ve written and be snapping at my heels in no time at the pace she’s going! With my main computer down and my most up to date manuscript out of reach there’s also a space of at least 10 pages I’ve already had to rewrite once and I’m not looking forward to trying to rewrite again. But finally I have an audience and a deadline to meet. Lets see if that will help.

Of course, it hasn’t done a thing for George R.R. Martin now has it?

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