I’m still here – sort of

Today I wrote a whopping: 803 words.

I sent nothing to market last week.

Like I said I never said I was fast, the exact opposite in fact. The thing is when I don’t write I feel horrible, the headaches start the nightmares I can’t remember, then the voices…

Ok there are no voices. Exactly, but the jumbled up headache of all the stories that are in my head waiting to get out sometimes it would be easier if they were voices. One kind of feels that one can reason with voices. There is no reasoning with these. It’s actually painful. Very. Hopefully I’ll feel better for spitting a little something out and then can spit out even more.

I’m looking back at a book I wrote for NaNoWriMo a few years back. As my reader said – it was just too damn boring to be worth sending on in that form. But the idea isn’t done and can’t be put to rest till I cough out the proper prose. So a rewrite is in order.

It’s the story of woman named Ash. I’d say pray you never meet her but it really more appropriate to pray that you’re dead when you do. The person who’s meeting her tonight is not so fortunate.

My reader wants more pages on Mitei’s story but forgot that she’s under obligation to give me feedback on the pages she already has and has gone out of communication range. She’ll be bloody pissed when she gets my ‘invoice’ instead of the twenty odd pages I had set aside for her. Also work on Mitei’s story has stalled, she really needs to get to the part where she kicks ass. Sadly I’m not allowed to just skip to the part I want to write or nothing would get written in between.

I need to send two stories out next week there’s a conference I’d like to attend and it’ll take some actual capital I currently don’t have.



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