Am I Bored – Really?

Every writer dreads this feeling. Laying in more than 50 thousand words on a manuscript you really loved and then suddenly sitting in front of the keyboard – bored out of your mind.

Ok maybe not every, every writer. I’ve rarely heard of this kind of fear in anyone else besides myself, certainly not at such a late stage in the process. I’m sure that most can tell within just a few dozen pages that they’re losing interest in their book. So maybe this is entirely my own private fear, since I’ve written many books in the past that remain unfinished to this day.

There is light in this particular tunnel though. Every single time that I’ve ever grown “bored” with one of my stories, it usually has more to do with me knowing too much rather than me losing interest in the actual tale itself. For example, I know the ending – I was struck by a moment of such inspiration that I wrote the whole thing down even though I’m still a good hundred pages from getting to it. Now every page in between feels like I’m dragging razor blades out of my soft tender gray matter. Every time I approach the keyboard from the moment that I hammer out the ending to the moment that I’m actually done with the book will be an agony of boredom and avoidance.

Luckily that kind of boredom isn’t real and easily (hah) combated by doing the much dreaded sitting in front of the keyboard and typing furiously whether you want to or not. Lucky me, lucky you, lucky readers! In the end the effort will be much appreciated by everyone.

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