I’m On Vacation!

Writer’s write. Yeah, yeah, you’ve heard it about a million times before. It’s still true. Here’s the thing no one tells you about this particular truism – writer’s write, even when they don’t want to.

Right now I’m supposed to be on a much needed ‘break’ or even ‘vacation,’ time for me to do about one hundred things I’ve been neglecting doing (my hair, unpacking, building a new pc, laying out my herb garden, etc) trust me none of those things are minor and all of them demand putting away pen, paper and netbook while I do them. Still, I’m on Twitter all day nearly everyday, and I’m posting here and at Sarah aka Legion, I’m even working on new material for both.

I’m supposed to be on vacation!

Except when I don’t write I feel funny, I get depressed, I worry about coming back to the computer or the twitterverse after a long absence and finding that I’ve lost the knack and all my hard won followers. That and Belladonna is demanding another story. That and Mitei wakes me up with ideas for her new book. That and Ash won’t be silent about ideas for her book and the next one coming. That and I’m turning other ideas around and around inside my head.

That and writers write because sometimes they have to. Really I’m trying to step back so I can get other things done, trying really, really hard damnit!

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