The 3R’s: Writing, Reading & Arithmetic Part 1 of 2

Remember way back in the day when the rules of education were as simple as the three R’s? When just being well versed in the basics of Writing, Reading and Arithmetic were more than enough to prepare you for a lifetime as a responsible adult (whatever that is) and productive member of society? Things have gotten complicated. Arithmetic is now advanced Calculus, Reading is line analysis and Writing – well we all know Writing is a world unto itself of complexity.

Still, there’s something important to remember about the basics. After all, no matter how complex the world you are in today might be, it still is made up of the same basic elements that it was years ago. Sometimes, just remembering that can help you over the hard parts.


Well it’s the big one isn’t it. Stringing words together to make sentences. Gathering sentences together to make paragraphs. Groups of paragraph become pages and eventually all those pages become books. Writing improves with practice, long hours spent fondling words and worlds like lost lovers. A thousand and one books have been written on the subject, you can pay someone to re-drill the basics into you and there’s always an opportunity to practice practice practice.

Aren’t we lucky though? In this day and age you’ve got social media as a constant practice arena. Twitter teaches you brevity. Facebook reminds us of the constant and far reaching potential of our words. Texting… invites us to re-imagine language in ways we never considered before, then destroys it to be rebuilt anew. There’s even helpful ever present Grammar Nazi’s always ready to remind you that yes, indeed, you’re doing it all wrong.

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