The Eternal Problem


One thing you learn really fast when you’re trying to make it as a self published author – it doesn’t pay to be shy. Or lazy for that matter, my sainted mother has been known to complain that I actually work more now than I ever have before, though I bring home considerably less money. Both can go hand in hand, it’s easy to hide behind being too lazy to cover up a complete lack of social grace.

When your every smile, wink and stammered pat on the back is tied to your livelihood and what you love to do – you’ll get over it quick or die a slow agonizing death devoid of your dreams.

Harsh? It’s the heat, makes me mean/er.

It’s ok to take time away from navigating the social shark tank. It’s also ok to decide before hand what’s an acceptable area to start stretching that social muscle you’ve let atrophy. But what I find helps the most is flat out make believe.

Make believe you’re a social diva. Pretend you’re the type of confident chatty S.O.B. that’s always the center of attention at parties. When all else fails don’t hesitate to spit out the first thing that comes to mind, even if it’s obscene or utter fluff and nonsense. After all where do you think Blargle Splect comes from?

Now go get ’em shy tigers!

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