Every now and again I feel it’s vital to recite my goals and put them all out there for the world to see. That way I can use the goad of the probable humiliation involved in failing to reach these goals to keep myself slogging through the jumbled muck of all the voices in my head.

Been a long time since I first started on this journey and I’ve still got miles to go but my immediate list of goals is short and simple.

Epublish 3 novels and 2-3 short stories by my birthday for a grand total of 6 publications.

  • The Uncertainty of Death (Novel) Published
  • Ash of Ambitions (Novel) First Draft finished awaiting revision
  • Family Picnic (Short Story) Published
  • Book 2 of the Four Horsemen Series (Novel) In progress
  • Insomnia (Short Story) Finished awaiting publication
  • The Box/Pity the Strong/Unknown (Short Story) Unfinished

Grow Fan Base

  • Gain 1000 Followers on Twitter
    • Spread the blather! Only around 300 more followers to go!
    • Comb brain for interesting and insightful things to say
    • Or just ramble consistently and daily
  • Create Fan pages on Facebook for all the novels
    • Might be able to ‘group’ the Four Horsemen Series on one fan page and save myself some trauma

Upgrade Blog

  • Move blog to self hosted site with much fanfare and tossing of rose petals at my feet

… Profit?

  • An ode to my friend’s obsession with South Park as well as a literal statement about my complete inability to conceptualize how to go about reaching this one. Really it wouldn’t take much for me to consider this a ‘profitable’ year but lets set the bar high and say a profit big enough for me to report on my taxes.

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