Well I guess everyone is wondering how things are going here at Casa Greene since my bedroom/office wall caved in. Not much has changed. We finally got someone to come and help us clear away the bricks but there’s still dust and dirt everywhere. I needed to restock almost all of my cleaning supplies for the PC and they ran out almost immediately when I started cleaning.

Which means cleaning is temporarily on hold till more supplies come in, which means my main PC is still a nowomansland of dust and dirt and unidentifiable bits that I really, really, hope are dead bugs instead of giant droppings (if you’ve ever been curious about what’s going on inside of your walls, let me just tell you – you do not want to know.) This means I’m not on the computer I do most of my work from but back on the backup netbook which can barely handle keeping a copy of notebook open along with an internet browser – hence the late blog update and my lack of pressence on FB and Twitter again. This notebook is good enough for me to continue to revise “Ash of Ambitions” however so that’s continuing at a somewhat staggered pace (repairs and cleaning take priority, sadly) it’s still moving right along towards publication. When “Ash of Ambitions” publication date will be – I currently have no idea.

We’ve covered the gaping hole with a piece of metal and some old boards we had lying around from a summer project. We did get lucky and the wall doesn’t seem to be open to the roof, so no rain is coming through (yay!) unfortunately it does go all the way down to the ground, so I’ve got cold drafts seeping up into my room and the constant threat of snakes deciding to spend the winter indoors (boo!).

That’s it really. We still desperately need to find some money somewhere to have the wall patched up. Most things inside the room were left miraculously intact though a few precious mementos were completely ruined. Life goes on even with a giant hole in your bedroom wall. Expect more updates when the cleaning process is over and I can get back on my main PC, till then if you’d like to help please consider buying a book (Family Picnic and The Uncertainty of Death are both just $.99) or contributing through Paypal

Thanks so much to everyone who has reached out by buying a book, contributing through paypal or even just reached out to me on Twitter and Facebook. The support has really meant the world to us! Now, back to the never ending war on dust.

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