Creating A Buffer

I’ve been horribly inconsistent lately. It’s finally winter in the South and I’m getting a cold draft through the hole in the wall that led to one hell of a chest cold I’m still battling. I’ve also got one book to push out the door in the next couple of weeks and another book in the pipeline. Because I’m a glutton for punishment.

By the end of January I’ll be juggling two, that’s right two, totally different storylines.

No, actually, with the new year comes new resolutions. This time around I want to write even more than I did before and get even more interesting (I hope) stories out to all the boys, girls, women and men in constant reader land. By the end of January I’ll be juggling two, that’s right two, totally different storylines. One pre-appocalyptic fantasy featuring Death herself and the other a sleek sexy, contemporary fantasy series with a very different take on shapeshifters.

That means a lot of writing, proofing, editing, and photoshoping I’ll be trying to get done every damn day instead of every damn day excepting Sunday. Which is French for I’m swamped! And only digging myself a deeper hole with every passing day. The good news is, this is the first post of many I hope will end up being a nice buffer for myself on Blargle Splect. So that I’ll be free to do all the other things currently on my schedule and a few of the things not on my schedule.

Unfortunately that also means that by the time you see this post, it’ll be two weeks from it’s actual write date and I’ll (hopefully) be well over my stupid illness (unfortunately I’m not) and halfway towards publishing yet another book! Hey it’s 2012, no better time to write like the world is ending, is there.

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