Crafting Blurbs

Now that “Ash of Ambitions” is so close to publication, I’ve got little else on the brain! So there will probably be a lot of posts about the final stages of epublication. Today’s topic? How to craft the “Product Description,” or as I prefer to call it ‘blurb,’ for your brand new ebook!

Remember This Isn’t The Paperback
First things first, you have to keep in mind that this isn’t a paper back or a hardcover edition of your book. It’s an ebook. Ebook readers tend to have very short attention spans and pretty targeted ones at that. You’ll want to grab their attention best you can with a professional and interesting looking cover first off but once they’ve clicked on to your book and scrolled down the page your in a whole ‘nother territory baby.

If this were a dead tree edition, you could afford to be relatively verbose in describing your title. In bookstores people are quite used to taking their time reading the back of the book, maybe flipping around inside, glancing at the middle and the end to figure out whether or not they really want to buy the title. Not so much with ebooks which brings me to the next point.

Be Brief
Think of your ebook blurb as another hook every bit as vital as the first line in your manuscript. It’s another hook and you’ve got to treat it like one.

Hit The Vital Points
Make sure to mention, the lead character’s name and occupation (if their occupation is relevant to the story) as well as a condensed statement about the vital action involved in the story.

Finally, Shrink It
For all the reasons stated above, I like to write a few versions of my blurb, condensing each version down until I’m left with something so tight it’s easily tweetable. No, your Amazon ebook blurb doesn’t have to be 140 characters long but you’re going to be tweeting about your book eventually right? Might as well get those vital 120 characters (you’ll need space for the buy link) together at the same time that you’re working on your ebook blurb.

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