I’m Back!

I’m back! Did you miss me?

My little trip certainly ended up taking more out of me than I was expecting. Of course, travel always does that, which is why I hate it so. Even when it means I get to spend a lot of time in my home city. As much as I love Philly, being there really wiped my ass out!

Now I’m back, mostly unpacked, and recovered from all the horrible sickness I picked up from the whole experience. It’s time to get back to work!

I’ve returned with edits for “The Uncertainty of Death” and an agreement for edits to “Ash of Ambitions,” as well as the usual rude awakening from all my characters clamoring for their me to get back to telling their individual stories already.

Please bear with me while I get back into the swing of things, once again and start updating everything.

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