Ebook Review: Claire Farrell’s “Thirst”

Since I’m a woman who is ruled by her eyes, sometimes I pick up an ebook just because I like their cover a lot. That was the case with “Thirst” a paranormal novella by Claire Farrell.

Thirst” is the first novella in the Ava Delaney series of books. Ava is a young woman just starting out in the world and absolutely terrified of herself because she’s got one foot in both the mortal world and the world of the vampires – or so she always thought. Actually she always thought she was an evil, unclean, horror thanks to some serious abuse during her formulative years and her foot in the vampire world turns out to be enough ignorance to get her and everyone she loves killed, just about.

As usual I don’t want to give any of the good bits away but suffice to say, especially after the last ebook I read, “Thirst” was a real treat to read. Action packed with truly interesting characters (though I did want to drop kick the heroine for her masochistic taste in men) and not a single dull moment in all 45,000 words. The only point of criticism I have for the book is that it was too short! I want more and I’m sure you will enjoy it too dear ereaders.

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