Everyone Fails – At First.

Everyone’s first book sucks – and I do mean that almost as broadly as it sounds (there are a very few exceptions to this rule.) Writing is a craft that takes a lot of trial and error. The first time you finish a novel is an important moment, a giant hurdle behind you – and just the tip of the writing iceberg.

Sometimes having years of practice, experience and a wall full of rejection slips still won’t guarantee that that first published novel will live up to what you know your capable of. In other words, novelists going the traditional route with access to a bevy of professional editors and marketers can’t always help you disguise the horrible writing of your first few novels.

Realizing that your first novel really does suck… is hard

Realizing that your first novel really does suck, despite how much work you’ve poured into the thing, is hard. Heart breaking even. It’s hard but it’s better than wallowing in the delusion that they were all stellar works of art and the world just doesn’t recognize your genius – yet.

Wise writer’s realize that being able to see how imperfect your first novel really is, will only help you hone your next one and the one after that. Each book is a journey, not just for your readers or your characters but for yourself as well. It takes a certain kind of stubbornness to see the reality and still shoot for the perfection that’s just out of your reach.

Dig deep, stay stubborn and realize you’ve got no place to go but up.

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