Rough Draft of Book 2 in the Four Horsemen Series – FINISHED

Whoohoo! I did it again, wrote “the end” at the end of another thrilling glimpse into the lives of Mitei, Leo, Jules and Aedan. And as per usual I did it while sick off my ass and otherwise indisposed! I’m still kind of floating on cloud 9 with the feeling of accomplishment but that will all come crashing down in the next few days as I start the revision process.

Which brings me to my theme for the upcoming weeks. Revision and editing, essential tools in any writer’s bag o’ tricks.

I was doing that thing I do for fun, where I pretend to play games (but actually don’t because I find them too distracting from the work at hand) and then spend all my free time incognito on the forums for that game living vicariously through others and chatting inanely about anything but writing – when I came across a bunch of nubile young writers distraught over various things. The writer’s block myth was one of those things. Revision and editing was another. One potential writer actually admitting to never having done a revision!

So, since I’ll be busy doing revisions and edits like a hurricane for the next few weeks. I figured now is as good a time to tackle the subject as any. Keeping in mind that: everyone H A T E S revisions, that my revision process is as ever changing as my writing process and that normally I’d love to let my books simmer in a dark corner for 1-10 years – this should be awesome!

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