Announcing New Book, Series Title Change & Kittens

It’s time to dig in my heels and really take a big bite of the work currently on my plate (yay or something). Over the last few days besides valiantly battling my bodies desire to remain sick, all the time, I have been working tirelessly (blatant lie) to come up with a title for my next book as well as for the series because the ‘Ash series‘ hurts my delicate writer’s ear.

Ash’s Cleaner series will now be titled “Eldritch Elysium,” which should be a big hint to readers what direction the series is heading but hopefully not spoilerific. I’m always worried I’m going to spoil something with titles (or whenever I talk about a book) but I think there’s enough unexpected twists in these tales to keep people glued to their kindles. I also think it’s important to give people a hint that this isn’t for the faint of heart, the Eldritch Elysium series is  filled with violence, sex and unspeakable mind warping horrors – reader beware.

On that note I think it’s finally time to unveil the new title: “Toxic Ash.”Toxic Ash Kitty Cover Placeholder

Nevada was just the tip of the iceberg.

Rin Tyler has a job to do. As Ash, a Cleaner with a penchant for fire, she has few equals but after taking care of personal business in Nevada she finds herself in a position no Cleaner likes, the spotlight.

Now both the Company, that she works for, and the Corporation, that built the biggest monster she’s ever known, are watching her every move.

And Ash didn’t escape Nevada without earning a debt, that’s about to come due. In her quest to get out of the light and back to the messy business of secrets, Ash will have to dig up her long buried past and make a deal if she wants to get out of this alive.

Unfortunately the book cover isn’t done just yet. Please accept the above image of my kittens, Whisper & Harlequin, until I can come up with something suitable. Yes, I know it’s hideous. I got a little carried away having fun with a bunch of buttons I would normally never use in a book cover. Placeholders are fun!

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