The Return of Free First Fridays

Well I’m pleased to announce that Free First Fridays are returning, sort of. “The Uncertainty of Death,” will be available for free on Amazon all day Friday!

Now for the sort of part. See Amazon has changed their promotion rules and I’ve decided to take start putting my books on other outlets soon. So the only book that’s still eligible is that one – and it’s only going to be eligible until March when I’ll be putting it up for sale on other outlets.

To make up for it I’m considering drastically reducing the price on “Ash of Ambitions” across the board for a while and see how things go. What do you think?

5 thoughts on “The Return of Free First Fridays

    • I used to be but their ‘meat grinder’ is the worst. At this point the only item I’m still putting out through them is my short story, “Family Picnic.” Now I use Draft2Digital as my main aggregate distribution site.

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