Ebook Review: B. V. Larson’s “Amber Magic”

I’m currently sicker than I want to admit but the blog must go on! Which makes it about time for another ebook review, this time it’s B.V. Larson’s Amber Magic, the first book in the Haven Series.

Described as a short introduction to the epic fantasy series, I must say that I totally agree with that description. The fantasy world of the series is definitely one of the most complex, dense and vibrant fantasy worlds I’ve ever seen. The old staples are there, dwarves, elves, magic and dragons but it’s the little differences that really shine. In the world of Amber Magic the elves are more like Shakespear’s Peachblossom than Tolkien’s Arwen, and that much variety really comes through well.

That said I have to honestly admit I’ve never been more disappointed with a book purchase as I was in this particular novel.

As described this book is short – too short. The world is rich, the cultural history dense and just when you’ve gotten enough of it in to have a basic grasp of the situation the book is over. This is a fantasy that gather’s a group together to go on an epic quest and manages to end right when they’re starting their journey?

At the time I bought this book it was priced at .99 cents, the next book in the series was prices at 1.99 (which I admit I grabbed before I realized what I’d really bought) the third book in the series was then priced at – 2.99! When I reached the end of Amber Magic and realized I’d already shelled out as much money as I planned on for any whole ebook on what was likely not even a complete story

Let’s just say I wrote about 5 really angry one star reviews which I decided not to post. There’s never a great way to write a bad review but when you’re actually still angry about the issue it’s definitely not the best time. I felt cheated. Lead into a honey trap where they played on the reader’s likely picking up the “first book” at a reasonable price – only for the reader to find out that by the time they actually read the whole book that they’d actually spent enough for a good hardback copy of a single novel.

The book is well written, the world dense and intriguing, I even liked the cover – but there’s no way I can recommend it to anyone.

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