Free First Friday: “Toxic Ash”

Tomorrow I’m giving away free copies of “Toxic Ash” on Amazon. It’s a rare chance to nab copies of the second novel of the series for free so I hope you jump on the chance

Toxic-Ash-Book-Cover-FinalWhen you dance with the Devil – there’s Hell to pay…

Somehow Ash survived Nevada but now it’s time to clean up the mess she made in the process. Her contract is up for review and if she wants to avoid a fatal cancellation, she’s going to have to do something to prove her usefulness to The Company and delve deeper into a world of madness in the process.

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Book Review: Teal Haviland’s “The Reaping Chronicles: Inception”

Time for something completely different. Or so I thought when I picked Teal Haviland’s “The Reaping Chronicles: Inception” out of my ‘to read’ list. It’s been a very long time since I read anything with angels in it (the last time I tried the plot holes were so ginormous I couldn’t finish reading that novel) and I’d been following “Inception” on Facebook for some time.

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Book Review: Liz Shulte’s “The Ninth Floor”

It’s October as I’m writing this and I’m realizing that I don’t have any horror books in my ‘to read’ list. Not a single one. If I didn’t know better I’d say no one was writing horror ebooks at all! So I had to settle for a bit of a thriller Liz Shulte’s “The Ninth Floor.

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Book Review: Deborah L. Fruchey’s “A Scandalous Creature”

Believe it or not, every now and again I like to sink my teeth into a period romance. Yes, yes, queen of the crime scene loves a good squishy love story. I can hear you snickering but it’s true. This time my love of love stories has brought me to read Deborah L. Fruchey’s “A Scandalous Creature.”

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Book Review: J. L. Bryan’s “Jenny Pox”

I’m still in the noman’s land of those without internet. Looks like it’ll be anywhere from 3-6 more weeks. Trust me, I’m hating it more than anyone but it’s been a marvelous opportunity to get a lot of work done. I’ve read more books, edited more pages and actually buzzed around the house like a busy little cleaning bee more than ever before.

Thankfully there’s still a mountain of things for me to do around here and a pile of books in my ‘to read’ list or I’d have to face the horrors of being cut off from the rest of the world in a more concrete way. The good news is that when all of this is over I should hopefully have “Toxic Ash” finished it’s first run of edits, though it remains to be seen if I can get it into final polish phase in time for me to hit publish as soon as I get back – but I’m sure as hells going to try. So bear with me readers!

Since I’ve been reading so much – I have a ton of book reviews to hopefully tide anyone coming to the blog for updates over with. Sadly my facebook, twitter, pinterest etc are all going to have to wait for me to get back into full force (Ah, how I miss the random blather and pretty pictures!) bear with me everyone!

First up is J. L. Bryan’s “Jenny Pox,” a paranormal fantasy novel with a very different tone than the usual vampires and werebeast angle. I was super excited to read this one since I’m also an author of very unusual paranormal tales and it was really exciting to see what new ground someone else was exploring in the genre.

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Ebook Review: Suzy Turner’s “Daisy Madigan’s Paradise”

Alright – I’m not dead. There was a storm in my little corner of the backend of beyond and it took down the cable lines, along with a big chunk of the power lines. Power was back up in a flash but cable is still not. I had to go way out of town to find a public wifi so I could let everyone know I’m not dead. No idea when my net connection will be back but in the meantime rest assured that I’m working on “Toxic Ash.” In the meantime I’ve written a few reviews (no net has cleared up lots of time for reading) and I’m going to be scheduling those as well as the rest of the formatting series to go live while I’m away. First up: “Daisy Madigan’s Paradise.”

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Free First Friday: “Ash of Ambitions”

ash_of_ambitions_cover_finalHappy First Friday everyone! As promised today I’m giving away free copies of “Ash of Ambitions” on Amazon and as a bonus there’s a preview of book 2 in the Eldritch Elysium series, “Toxic Ash,” included! Keep an eye out here for the release of “Toxic Ash” coming soon or sign up for email alerts on my releases below.

The world is a place full of secrets…

Ash is a keeper of secrets, a Cleaner, and she’s very good at her job. So good, she’s about to be pulled deeper into a world of mystery and darkness than she ever wanted to go and just her luck, it looks like her baby sister is going to be coming along for the ride.

Sometimes the secrets that are kept from you – are the only things keeping you safe.

Ebook Review: Keary Taylor’s “Branded”

If there’s one good thing to being sick so often is it gives me a chance to slow down and catch up on my reading. Which means, I’ve got a review for you!

Branded” is the tale of a young woman who has always been haunted by dreams of angels, of the less than angelic sort. The dreams are a reflection of reality, though she’s never had any success in getting anyone else to believe that, and she has the scars from the experience to prove it.

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Free First Friday: “Ash of Ambitions”

ash_of_ambitions_cover_finalHappy First Friday everyone! As promised today I’m giving away free copies of “Ash of Ambitions” on Amazon as part apology on the lateness of book 2 in the Eldritch Elysium series, “Toxic Ash.” Keep an eye out here for the release of another freebie sometime this month or sign up for an email alert below.