There’s a Problem with Slow Cooking

I’m a bit of a foodie. I kind of have to be, since I’m also a ridiculously picky eater. In my culinary tool book there are numerous recipes that require slow cooking; succulent roasts, mouth watering stews and even a variety of beans. The problem is, long before these dishes are ready to eat, the delicious smell permeates the whole house and sets the tummy to growling and the mouth to watering. No amount of poking, prodding or illicit sampling makes the dish any more done unfortunately and in some cases can actually make you sick if raw meat is in the mix.

No matter how badly I want to sample it already, it’s just not time yet.

Lately I’ve been trying to force my way through the editing process of “In the Absence of Famine” and I think it’s time for me to admit that this dish just isn’t ready. Or perhaps, I’m actually the one that’s not ready, the novel needs some more time to rest before I can approach it with the level of calm that’s needed to really make it shine.

No matter how badly I want to sample it already, it’s just not time yet.

So I’m putting the book back in the drawer and starting on my next novel. Hopefully I’ll be able to keep one on simmer from here out which should, hopefully, let me make faster and faster releases for the ever hungry ebook crowd but it just wouldn’t be right for me to let anyone have a taste of “In the Absence of Famine” when it’s not fully cooked yet.

In the end the book will be better off for it, most definitely worth the extra wait. This also concludes my walk through the revision process on the blog for a bit, which is probably for the best; I’m not much of an editor and everything I’ve learned about the process has come from much more level heads than my own. I might come back to it when I start back in on “In the Absence of Famine” but I make no promises I can’t keep.

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