Holy Holiday 99 Cent Ebooks Batman!

The holidays have me surrounded. I’m losing sleep trying to figure out newsletter software, how to become a marketing genius in 3 days or less, and my family is calling constantly because they’re feeling neglected and lonely (which is only right since I forgot all about them… sometime in September) all while I try to keep a clear head and edit on. All of this has lent me to think that maybe the world could use some awesome .99 ebook gift recommendations! Because if there’s anything I love more than ebook publishing it’s sharing the love for quality cheap ebooks.

Let’s start off with an ebook that’s actually lower than low right now, price wise that is, “Mayne Attraction: In The Spotlight” is currently free on the kindle. Yes free, that’s a %100 percent bargain on a book gobbled down like life sustaining water earlier this year. The introspective heroine might not be to everyone’s taste but at such a low price, who can pass up the chance to get to know her properly and make that decision on their own?

Next up is a 99 cent ebook that’s a great little into to a very unusual take on the vampire, human, hybrid concept: “Thirst (Ava Delaney #1).” I got really swept up in this prelude to the series and can hardly wait till I’m past the mandatory ‘no fun’ zone of the editing process so I can dive into the rest of the series.

Last but never least are my $.99 ebooks. “The Uncertainty of Death” is the start of series that answers the question: what were to four horsemen like before they were horsemen? While “Ash of Ambitions” is a much grittier thriller.

Remember, cheap ebooks are awesome gifts and at 99 cents each it’s hard to not to over indulge your favorite bookworm!

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