When To Pay, When Not To Pay: Freeware Editing Software

In the last edition of When to Pay, When Not to, I went over some editing software and put it solidly in the “not worth it” column. I know, it’s still pretty tempting though isn’t it? Well to help save a few more bucks, I’ve compiled a list of free – and vital – programs that you can use to craft your novels in various ways.

Free Image Editors

GIMP: A free image editing software on par with the popular and well known Photoshop. Gimp gives everyone the freedom to create truly stunning covers on a very tight budget.

Paint.net: Another popular and totally free option for creating professional level book covers, cheaply.

Photoshop: Yes even the biggest name in image editing software can be had for free – if you’re willing to use a slightly older version of the program.

Freeware Alternatives to Microsoft Word

Open Office: Open source and with an interface that’s similar to the more well known Microsoft Word, Open Office is a wonderful, free alternative word program.

Google Docs: Google iz in ur bookz, readin’ ur climaxz. It’s getting to the point that when it comes to open source anything, Google has an app for that.

Abi Word: Less well known than Open Office, or Google Docs, Abi Word is still a totally free and wonderfully power little word processing program that’s earned it’s own adherents over the years.

That’s a pretty good start. Next week – I’ll look into some good, fun and easy ways to incorporate models and high res custom images into your cover design – for free and without the need to hire a model and a photographer!

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