Announcing: Double Free!

In the beginning of the year I made some foolish promises about increasing my turn around time between books. Promises that I swore I would keep or give my readers something else for free. Well, I can’t keep those promises, “Toxic Ash” is coming along but it’s not ready for release yet and I haven’t even finished it’s cover yet – so it looks like I owe you guys something for free!

This means a two pronged free-attack. First I’m going to start a program I like to call “Free First Fridays” in honor of an event I used to participate in in Philadelphia. The first Friday of every month (from here until I run out of free promotions) I’ll be giving away a book, or a story for free all day.

Secondly I’ll be formatting a short story and releasing it for free – forever. I’ve just got to dig through my archives, pick out a story, make a cover and format it for ebook publication. I’ll try and keep it simple so I can have that up and ready for any eager freeby lovers next week.

So that’s it. I’ll be having a double free event this month and I hope you look forward to it. You heard it right, Double Free! One book and one short story available totally free this month, grab it while the grabbing’s good!

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