Free First Friday: The Uncertainty of Death

Tomorrow is 1st Friday, y’all know what that means!

Time for me to give away one of my books for free! I really love putting my books into the hands of readers, I just hope some of you come back and leave a review when you’re done. This month, I’m giving away free copies of my first novel, “The Uncertainty of Death.”

The-Uncertainty-of-DeathDeath… it is the most frightening unknown to us all.

For centuries people have personified and anticipated the horror and majesty of this unavoidable reality. We even invent legends to avoid it.

Unfortunately, she is someone we cannot escape.
No one expects a harried, overworked, and socially awkward business woman to become the deliverer of their fate. Death has never been good at games of skill or chance and is keenly self-conscious, always going the extra mile to make others comfortable. But in The Uncertainty of Death, two mortals, Leo Kaylor and Jules Harper are about to meet Death for the first time, and she is not what they imagined in. Together, Leo and Jules embark upon a chaotic journey that will test the very meaning of life and friendship in the first of this apocalyptic Four Horsemen series

Happy Reading!

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