Free Friday!

Ah weather. Last week there were ice storms bad enough to knock the power down in my area for three days of frozen hell and today it’s scheduled to be in the 80’s. That’s going to be hell on my herb garden.

Anywho, enough of my domestic misery – I’ve got a present to make up for all the downtime! On Friday, I’ll be giving away copies of my first novel, “The Uncertainty of Death,” for free on Amazon.

The-Uncertainty-of-Death-cDeath… it is the most frightening unknown to us all. For centuries people have personified and anticipated the horror and majesty of this unavoidable reality. We even invent legends to avoid it.

Unfortunately, she is someone we cannot escape.

No one expects a harried, overworked, and socially awkward business woman to become the deliverer of their fate. Death has never been good at games of skill or chance and is keenly self-conscious, always going the extra mile to make others comfortable. But in The Uncertainty of Death, two mortals, Leo Kaylor and Jules Harper are about to meet Death for the first time, and she is not what they imagined in. Together, Leo and Jules embark upon a chaotic journey that will test the very meaning of life and friendship in the first of this apocalyptic Four Horsemen series.

See you Friday, enjoy the freebie!

Updates All Around!

Hi Hi! I’ve been a little quiet for a while. First I was sick (I know, seems like I’m always sick) and now I’ve realized that I’m sooo close to finishing up the draft for “Toxic Ash” that I can taste it.

How close is so close? Two chapters. I just have to write: Two. More. Chapters. And the book is done. That’s only about twenty thousand words! I can totally do this shit!

Eldritch-Elysium-Logo-1So, I guess you can see how I’ve been focusing all my writing energy towards the book right now. This will be the first time I’ve had two releases in a single year, so I’m super psyched about it.

Of course there are some who really don’t care about the new book – they just want their free shit. Well, not to worry, I haven’t forgotten about Free First Friday. Tomorrow will be a free day for you guys to go ahead and snatch up a  copy of “The Uncertainty of Death,” hopefully the freeby will help tide the rest of you over until I can release the new book!

For the rest of you, those who really can’t wait till “Toxic Ash” hits shelves and you can get your voracious little claws on them: consider signing up for an email alert and I’ll personally let you know exactly when the release hits Amazon!

The Not Vacation

Another book launch under my belt, another year old, new banner for the site, ‘nother new banner for the site, new signature, lots of promotion, new cold and another dip into the top #100 Free Kindle Titles for all of three days to show for it.

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Extended Free Ebook Giveaway

I am in the middle of fighting off the usual round of crippling sickness so I can push the final edits of “In the Absence of Famine” through for the book launch on the 24th. Which means, few and spotty blog posts, as well as, FREE ebook giveaways.

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Get a FREE Copy of “The Uncertainty of Death” Today Only

Sorry I’m late this week with the blog posts. I’ve been busy getting my first book into fighting order and battling Createspace. The good news is that “The Uncertainty of Death” will be available for purchase in print format soon and the ebook will be available for free (one day only) at the time of this posting!

I promised that I’d focus on revision, rewrites and editing while I’m going through the process with my new book, “In the Absence of Famine,” though I must admit I’ve been a bit sidetracked by the actual act of proofing the first. So lets start with editing or more importantly, the importance of a good editor.

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Announcing “Ash of Ambitions” & Lots More!

Well I was planning on something altogether more spectacular than this but upon completing the first draft of the new book, my old illness started acting up and all my big blazing plans have unfortunately been slowed down way off schedule. That doesn’t mean there’s nothing to announce and celebrate though! That’s right ladies, gents and creatures who claim no human sex, I’ve finished another book! It’s not in the same series as my recently release “The Uncertainty of Death,” but a new series in a slightly different vein that I think will have a somewhat wider appeal (though really it’s more about the tale I wanted to tell than about what the market is doing right?). The new book, “Ash of Ambitions,” will hopefully kick off a whole new series for me and I’m really excited about it. The main character leads two lives; one as Rin, the somewhat mysterious middle child of five, the other as Ash the Cleaner who’s preffered method of body removal involves an open flame. Personal and professional worlds collide when she gets a series of calls from both her employers and her family seeking greater involvement on both fronts at once. Neither will take a rain check for an answer. How is she going to handle juggling both obligations at once? Needs a little work I know but that’s what final drafts are for. In the mean time, as a little present to myself and any loyal readers out there, I’ll be releasing a short story titled “Family Picnic.”

Lilith’s family is in near ruins. Her father is rarely home, her mother finds comfort only in the bottle and her brother has been missing for a year. It’s time to remember all that matters. It’s time for a “Family Picnic.”

Basically this short is already done but I’m giving it one more run through the editing wringer just to be extra extra sure. Once I’m totally satisfied I’ll be releasing “Family Picnic” at just $.99 and upping the price on my first novel “The Uncertainty of Death” back up to $2.99. I’m also thinking of launching a brief twitter contest and giving away a few copies of “Family Picnic” to promote it’s release – but as I said all of that has been pushed back a bit thanks to my illness. For now just enjoy the cover image for the “Family Picnic” and I’ll make sure to announce both the contest’s start and the final price hike on “The Uncertainty of Death.”