The Essence of Blargle Splect

Moments ago I was staring at my manuscript – drawing a complete blank. I don’t remember what I wrote yesterday, the day before that, all month long. Worse I’m not even sure what I’ll write next. It’s not that the voices are silent (gods I wish) no, it’s more like they’re holding their council and I don’t have high enough clearance to know what’s going on.


I’ll get to find that out in the revision process and I can say, it’s not a bad place to write from. In fact, this might be the very best place to write from, at least for me. A place that leaves me full of wonder when I go back over the pages I’ve written, that detaches me from the words so I can cut more freely and, most importantly, a place where it all flows long water.

Water? This is a flash flood – and I need to hurry to higher ground.

So please forgive me for the short, random, blog post. Even if it is the absolute essence of Blargle Splect.

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