The Essence of Blargle Splect

Moments ago I was staring at my manuscript – drawing a complete blank. I don’t remember what I wrote yesterday, the day before that, all month long. Worse I’m not even sure what I’ll write next. It’s not that the voices are silent (gods I wish) no, it’s more like they’re holding their council and I don’t have high enough clearance to know what’s going on.

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Eldritch Elysium: Cosmic Horror Just Got Sexy

I’m finally done with some kicking new logo’s to use as place holders for books in the Eldritch Elysium series until I craft their individual book covers. Check them out after the jump.
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Muse Food

Muses are fickle fey things, apt to hop out of the car right when your pants are off and all the blood is flowing downhill. Inconvenient. Vexing. Vital. So what can we do to keep these lovely creative lubricants around all the way to the finish? Turns out, there’s actually quite a lot.

First is the relatively obvious advice you’ve heard a million times before – writers write. Even when you’re not being guided by your muse’s talented hands, you write. Especially when you know you’re alone and writing badly. It’s probably the hardest part of writing, not even editing compares to accepting the fact that today, maybe tomorrow and even into next week, you’ll be writing badly.

You never want something as sought after and desirable as your muse to know for certain how lost you are without them, it just encourages them to treat you badly. Or even worse they might wander away never to return, searching instead for a partner that is equal to themselves. Your muse is your partner, without hands to type or a voice to speak to anyone but you they need you as much as you need them. Continue reading