Woosh! Updates!

Was anyone else startled at the new WordPress Dashboard? Just me? Oh… Ok, then…

Glorious news everybody! Not only is one of my all time favorite shows about to make a comeback for it’s final season (yay Futurama) but I’ve finally finished my book cover and I’m ready for the big reveal…

On Thursday.

Why Thursday and not now? (Greedy little readers. Keep it up, I love it!) There are several reasons for the delay.

First and foremost:

Yes, cheesy and grand standing as it is – I want everyone’s eyes on the prize when I show off the book cover for “Toxic Ash” for the very first time. Ever! After all those false starts and all that lost work, I really want to have a little fan fair and attention. Just a tinsy bit.

There’s also the fact that I’ve been tweaking it for days and really need the extra time to stop myself from tweaking it any more – by making all kinds of promo awesome. I’m thinking gifs, bookmarks, banners, business cards and popsicles (there will probably be no business cards, bookmarks or popsicles).

If you don’t care about the details and just want me to hurry up and release the book already – consider signing up for email alerts on my releases.

One more thing! Just a quick poll:

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