“Toxic Ash” Book Cover Finally Revealed!

Hey readers! You’ve been waiting a long time for this, not as long as I have but still pretty long. I can only say that I’m relieved to have finally finished the thing…

Eldricth-Elysium-LogoBut you’ll have to wait till tomorrow. Sorry! Somewhere along the line I over did things again and made myself horribly sick (face meet toilet sick) and while I’m capable of typing this up real quick, I’m not quiet up to getting together a list of the stock artist’s whose work I used so I can credit/thank them properly.

Not doing that could result in the book cover being pulled, entirely, thanks to copyright infringements. After all the sweat and tears I just can’t let that happen.

To make up for it – I’ll be putting up a teaser banner on both the blog and my Facebook page sometime today! Like the page to be alerted when the new banner goes live – or consider signing up for email alerts when the book goes live instead.

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