Say Hello to “Toxic Ash”

It’s finally, really, time to reveal the book cover for the second book in the Eldritch Elysium series, “Toxic Ash.”

This time, the cover is modeled after another character in the book, instead of Ash herself.


Ophelia is Caine & Caliban’s last surviving relative and still a member/captive of the Corporation. So when the brothers show up on Ash’s doorstep asking for help liberating their only sister, she’s compelled to help them do just that, for more reasons than one.

Click on the image for the credits and sources used to create this book cover (I’m honestly surprised the list was so short, the image itself has more than 50 layers). I’m going to try and put together a ‘making of’ post later, if I can squeeze together the time. So stay tuned! Or if you just want to be informed the moment “Toxic Ash” is up for sale, consider signing up for email alerts.

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