Ebook Review: Catrina Taylor’s “Birth of an Empire: The Beginning”

It’s been a long time since I’ve really immersed myself in a science fiction novel but I’m glad that I picked up “Birth of an Empire: The Beginning.”

The book starts at the end, with the meeting of two star crossed lovers from different worlds on opposite sides of an intergalactic war; how they got to there – that’s the story. Book 1 of the Xarrok trilogy spans years, several million light years of space and has more twists and turns than ouroboros but it’s a fun ride the whole way.

I almost want to complain that the book was too short (it’s not by almost any stretch) just because I was so caught up in what was happening between the two leads, when the novel ended abruptly – I wanted more. But I can assure you it’s definitely worth the read.

If you’re interested in the Xarrok series, consider heading over to the series facebook page and giving it a like.

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