While You Were Sleeping…

If you signed up for email alerts you already know this but for the rest of you, I went ahead and released “Toxic Ash,” updated the blog, Facebook and all the relevant hoodads – and then just because I wasn’t feeling like enough of an over achiever I went ahead and made this:

Ash-of-Ambitions-Createspace-RC1-for-sharingYeah, that’s what you think it is. A brand new book cover for “Ash of Ambitions” – in paperback format. I rock! It’s going through Createspace approval as you read these sweet, sweet, words but by now there’s already an updated version on Kindle. To celebrate it’s approaching paperback release – I’ve even decided to do a countdown deal on in in Kindle format, starting at $1.99 and starting tomorrow! Now’s a great time to get introduced to the series!

Hopefully I’ve dotted all my I’s and crossed all my T’s but at this point I’m so cross eyed I probably got that all bassakwards.

I know I should be making a bigger stink about all of this but if I spend one more week sitting on these things just so I can manipulate some kind of giant marketing ploy they will end up unreleased for another bloody year. So here you go. Happy Holidays. Don’t say I never get you nuttin.’

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