As a Reader or a Writer, does Genre sometimes confuse you?

I’m feeling under the weather today but luckily we have a guest post from thriller author Faith Mortimer discussing genres. Floor’s all yours Faith!

Good day!

Over the years I’ve found the subject of genre to be rather puzzling, especially as nowadays the line between genre often appears to ‘bleed’ between two, three or even four different genre. Genre is a French term and although it can be used as a “kind” or “sort” of virtually anything, the most common usage is of course for categorizing stories by television, film, theatre and prose and applies to both fiction and nonfiction books.

But because genre is nothing more than a loose, fuzzy logic way of categorizing these things I often find it difficult to place a certain book or film in one category and if you’re honest I’m sure there are many people who feel the same way.
A book genre is a particular class or type of book. Books can be divided into a broad assortment of genres, and people often use genre as a criterion when selecting a book to read and because of this, if you’re an author, ensuring your book is correctly listed is most important.

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Announcing New Book, Series Title Change & Kittens

It’s time to dig in my heels and really take a big bite of the work currently on my plate (yay or something). Over the last few days besides valiantly battling my bodies desire to remain sick, all the time, I have been working tirelessly (blatant lie) to come up with a title for my next book as well as for the series because the ‘Ash series‘ hurts my delicate writer’s ear.

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