The Not Vacation

Another book launch under my belt, another year old, new banner for the site, ‘nother new banner for the site, new signature, lots of promotion, new cold and another dip into the top #100 Free Kindle Titles for all of three days to show for it.

Thanks for all the support everyone! Despite pushing myself so hard right up to launch, I’m not even close to done yet! Though really I should probably be giving my body some time to recover and enjoying my birthday, there’s just too much to do! Including working on new cover art for the next book on my list – which I haven’t figured out a title for yet.

In the meantime I hope you’re all enjoying the new book! Guess it’s time for me to stop fiddling with it and switch gears to giving Ash some love, she’s been ever so patient while I was focused on Mitei and her lot.

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