“Toxic Ash” Update!

Toxic-Ash-Book-Cover-FinalSo by now you’re all champing at the bit waiting for the blog post that declares I’ve put “the end” to my latest book.

This isn’t it.

I know, I know – I thought I was almost done too (if you’ve been following me on Facebook and Twitter you’ve heard all about it step by step) and I was pushing hard to reach that end (mostly because I wanted to spend the next few months curled up in bed with my books – I’m an author, I can do that and it’s awesome) but I was wrong. So, so wrong. I was so busy forcing words out that I didn’t realize until about 15 thousand of them in that the voices in my head, my little demons, my sweet little muse, had all gone silent.

By the time I did realize I wasn’t on the right track it took me a bit to realize where I went wrong – and just how far back that went. Hint: it goes back very, very far indeed.

So I need to fix things. Slaughter a calf for my demons, ply my muse with wine and sweat, cut the fat from my darling and try again. The good news is I don’t think it’s impossible to fix mostly from where I am. Bad news is there might be another chapter or two (maybe twenty but don’t hold your breath) still to go.

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