Sorry Sorry

I was deep in that dark place where all artists eventually go and sometimes return brandishing their freshly severed ear as a present. Climbing out of it involved burying myself in my work in a way that also didn’t make things worse, so it was kind of like trying to paint a self portrait with my eyes closed. When it was done, I was back to it with a vengeance, only the mild and occasional migraine to remember the slump by and a complete aversion to doing anything I should be doing that isn’t writing. I’ve neglected my Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Pinterist, Blog and other authors in my efforts to get through the white knuckle phase and while I think I’m starting to emerge victorious from the other end – please bear with me as I get all avenues of communication (aka blather) firing on all cylinders again.

Win A FREE Ebook!

Today’s an extra special day. I’ve reset my body clock be completely backwards! I could have posted this blog live at 8 a.m. instead of using the schedule function but that would be the actions of woman still within shouting distance of sanity. Also – the “In The Absence of Famine” book cover is done!

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Win a FREE Copy of “Family Picnic”

I love celebrating milestones in my writing life! Celebrating alone is no fun so this time, to celebrate finishing the rough draft of “Ash of Ambitions” I released a story from my archives: “Family Picnic!”

Lilith’s family is in near ruins. Her father is rarely home, her mother finds comfort only in the bottle and her brother has been missing for a year. It’s time to remember all that matters. It’s time for a “Family Picnic.”

Currently available for purchase on Smashwords and Amazon! Making you buy my book isn’t that great of a celebration for you though is it? So I thought I’d run a short twitter contest to give away 5 free copies of “Family Picnic!” Entering is super simple, just tweet the following phrase anytime between 5.23.11 and 5.29.11 (entries end at midnight EST):

RT @SarahakaLegion: A family in ruins. A son missing 4 a yr. Time to remember all that matters, time for a FAMILY PICNIC

or if you prefer Kindle:

RT @SarahakaLegion: A family in ruins. A son missing 4 a yr. Time to remember all that matters, time for a FAMILY PICNIC

(It was just a little too long for me to squeeze both links into a single tweet.)

Winners will be chosen at random at the end of the week and will be notified via Direct Message. I hope you enjoy the contest!

Oh! I almost forgot, during the contest is the last week that “The Uncertainty of Death” will be offered at $0.99 as well, it’ll go back up to $2.99 afterwards so grab it while it’s cheap!