Extended Free Ebook Giveaway

I am in the middle of fighting off the usual round of crippling sickness so I can push the final edits of “In the Absence of Famine” through for the book launch on the 24th. Which means, few and spotty blog posts, as well as, FREE ebook giveaways.

As part of the promotion for the new book in the “Four Horsemen” series, I’m giving away unlimited downloads of “The Uncertainty of Death” from the 23-25. There’s also a chance to win additional FREE copies of “In the Absence of Famine” by entering last weeks contest. Or if you prefer, you can take the first hit free, get hooked and then shell out $.99 for the second book in the series – just as I planned. Muahahaha *coughwheezecough* hah!

Muahahaha *coughwheezecough* hah!

After the new book is out, I’ll be taking a much needed week to recuperate and do other necessary things (laundry, cleaning, reading etc.) so expect more spotty blog posts for a bit. Hopefully to be followed with the unveiling of the title and book cover of the second book in my other series. Till then I hope you all enjoy your free and/or 99 cent ebooks and don’t miss me too much while I’m gone.

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