Win A FREE Ebook!

Today’s an extra special day. I’ve reset my body clock be completely backwards! I could have posted this blog live at 8 a.m. instead of using the schedule function but that would be the actions of woman still within shouting distance of sanity. Also – the “In The Absence of Famine” book cover is done!

In The Absence of Famine

Click cover for links to the stock used

So far so good, everything is on track for the January 24th release date. So, I thought, let’s have a little pre-brithday celebration with a little ebook giveaway contest!

There’s four ways to win (if you do them all, that increases your chance of winning four fold) and 2 free copies of “In The Absence of Famine” up for grabs. Eager to enter? Here’s how:

  1. Like my Facebook page, then post something about your love of ebooks on my wall.
  2. Follow me on Twitter @YK_Greene then tweet this: “1st Death. Now Famine. Looking forward to reading “In The Absence of Famine” #99cent #ebook by @YK_Greene out on #Amazon #kindle Jan 24th!”
  3. Sign up for the upcoming Newsletter.
  4. Write a review for Book 1, “The Uncertainty of Death,” and post a link to the review in the comments below. Don’t have Book 1 yet? I’m giving it away, FREE, January 24th!

Contest ends February 24th. Winners will be posted on the blog shortly thereafter. Good luck everyone!

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