Sick Kitty

Hi ho dear Readers!

Whisper, my feline companion, is feeling more than a touch under the weather. So, like millions of pet owners the world wide who care more about the sake of their animals than themselves – I’m digging deep into my funds to take her to the vet.

Here’s hoping that she turns out fine and I wind up with a scolding and an unnecessary vet bill for my trouble.

Ebook Review: Safina Deforges’ “Snow White”

It’s that time again, time for me to take a break from all the writing and worrying if my own work is up to snuff and look at someone elses creation. In short: it’s time for an ebook review!

Snow White by the Safina Deforge team (there’s actually two writers credited in these works Safina and Mark Williams) is both a cute story with it’s elements that hark back to the classic tale of Snow White (the pomme rouge aka red apple, Queenie, Detective Cassandra “Red” Rose, etc) and a gritty, gripping detective tale.

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A King in a Court of Fools – hilarious pilot for 1950s TV show found behind YKG’s dresser!

I am happy to present this extremely interesting artifact from the archives of the National Unbelievable Foundation of Film-making (NUFF) that was recently uncovered stuck behind a towel dispenser when workmen were redoing the rest rooms at the South Park McDonald’s — one of the original McDonald’s from the 1950s. An expert at NUFF said that, originally hand-printed on composition notebook paper and written in the form of a TV script, this piece is a classic example of a 1950s Catholic school punishment assignment. There you have it! Enjoy! Continue reading

Sicky Sick Sick

I am not quite down with the sickness. This is terrible, tragic, devastating – and really good news! You see, awesome author Larry Enright has agreed to do a guest post for me, so that I can rest (and he can announce the release of a new book).

All that awesome sauce is coming straight your way early Saturday morning. Don’t miss out!