Say Hello to “Toxic Ash”

It’s finally, really, time to reveal the book cover for the second book in the Eldritch Elysium series, “Toxic Ash.”

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“Toxic Ash” Book Cover Finally Revealed!

Hey readers! You’ve been waiting a long time for this, not as long as I have but still pretty long. I can only say that I’m relieved to have finally finished the thing…

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Woosh! Updates!

Was anyone else startled at the new WordPress Dashboard? Just me? Oh… Ok, then…

Glorious news everybody! Not only is one of my all time favorite shows about to make a comeback for it’s final season (yay Futurama) but I’ve finally finished my book cover and I’m ready for the big reveal…

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Free First Friday: “Ash of Ambitions”

ash_of_ambitions_cover_finalHappy First Friday everyone! As promised today I’m giving away free copies of “Ash of Ambitions” on Amazon and as a bonus there’s a preview of book 2 in the Eldritch Elysium series, “Toxic Ash,” included! Keep an eye out here for the release of “Toxic Ash” coming soon or sign up for email alerts on my releases below.

The world is a place full of secrets…

Ash is a keeper of secrets, a Cleaner, and she’s very good at her job. So good, she’s about to be pulled deeper into a world of mystery and darkness than she ever wanted to go and just her luck, it looks like her baby sister is going to be coming along for the ride.

Sometimes the secrets that are kept from you – are the only things keeping you safe.